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Aplusone Smokeless Grill + Multipan Lid Set@ $269.98

The perfect add-on to the Aplusone Grill. The multipan/hotpot plate is so versatile and allows you to expand what you can do with the Aplusone Grill!
Simply switch your grill pan with the multipan to open a whole new world of dishes to enjoy at your dinner table! Includes Aplusone Smokeless Grill and Multipan with glass lid.

Take advantage of the best that Aplusone has to offer: our smokeless grilling plus hotpot experience. Cook dishes like stews and soups for the whole family, shabu-shabu, hotpot, stir fries, fried eggs, saucier meat dishes, and so much more! Keep dishes hot throughout the whole meal. The multipan comes with an Aplusone glass lid. When using the multipan, it is recommended not to operate the fan at the same time.

Aplusone Smokeless Grill + Multipan Lid Set@ $269.98
Aplusone Smokeless Grill + Multipan Lid Set@ $269.98

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