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Airdog Mist Free Humidifier @ $199.00

From the creators of Airdog purification, the innovative Airdog Mist-Free Humidifier adopts the latest technologies to provide comfortable, clean air without the mess and hassle. Traditional humidifiers will produce a lot of water mist and white powder that will make the floor and desktop wet. This can, over time, grow mold and bacteria that is harmful to our health. Airdog’s Mist-Free Air Humidifier is designed with Nano Cold Evaporative humidification technology, along with Airdog’s trusted purification technology to kill 99% of viruses and bacteria, for healthy, clean air without mist, residue or mess.

Airdog Mist Free Humidifier @ $199.00
Airdog Mist Free Humidifier @ $199.00

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